Friendship is the true magic! The Winx enjoy the victory while the Trix swear the next time they enter, they won’t be so lucky. Following the vampires to an old mausoleum, Stella turns the vampires to dust and frees the people. Kalshara is an evil fairy who has a shared history with headmistress Faragonda. Before they can accomplish their goal, Darcy casts an invisibility cloak over Cloudtower. Winx on Earth

After a turn of events, and from meeting with Daphne, Bloom was able to regain her powers, save Sky and join her friends in the final battle. The 6th season had 1st premiered in the United States on September 29, with the 1st episode ” Inspiration of Sirenix “. Breaking the Mark Thanks to the pixies, the disguise of the Trix is discovered and they retreat. Roxy breaks the Trix’s spell on Griffin, and the three girls the Trix had ambushed and took on their appearances. Riven and Musa finally decide that they aren’t the perfect couple and go their separate ways.

A Winx club season 6 ep 2 air date Found Back to the present, the Winx organize the inauguration of the Alfea Natural Park, where now there are many Digmoles, saved by the Winx in the past. However, he betrays Selina and her loyalty. However, he will not accept anything that does not have high value.

Bloom senses that her bonded pixie, Lockette, is in danger and goes to help. Back to Solaria In order to catch them, Kalshara has to find a way to enter the school for fairies.

The Trix are winx club season 6 ep 2 air date back to prison, however, The Trix get the Codex for him. Eldora forgives Selina’s misdeeds and takes the reformed Selina back under her wing as her apprentice and Selina going back to become a fully fledged fairy once again. They look and of course the Winx are not trapped. Winx Club season 7. Before they can accomplish their goal, Darcy casts an invisibility cloak over Cloudtower. The Winx must earn two new fairy transformations: The series involves Bloom, who is an ordinary year-old girl from Earth, who finds out she is a powerful fairy.

The Final Battle Season 4 Thu, 21 Jun In the Alfea of the past, Kalshara, a fairy with dark intentions, manages to have access to an old hall of the college.

Thanks to the pixies, the disguise of the Trix is discovered and they retreat. She accepts and comes out wir retirement. The Winx go to a fashion show and are ambushed except for Stella who is signing up for a show.

I’m a Fairy a.

With limited powers, the Winx Club are forced to retreat airr Alfea where they focus on further increasing their inner strength, enlisting the help of both the Specialists and Paladins. This season is formatted in HD and partially in 2D hand-drawn animation and 3D computer animation as with the 5th season. Once Bloom overcomes their Cage of Sorrow, she escapes with the Legendarium key.

Winx Club (a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

The newly expanded Winx Club face a new villain, Lord Eate, who has the Trix become his helpful allies and loyal minions. She also learns about the two other schools in Magix: In the final special, Aisha, the year-old princess of Andros and fairy of waves, is seen rescuing pixies from the Shadow Phoenix. Bloom destroys the power enhancement spell of the Trix, and they retreat. Musa and Tecna, putting their differences aside, stop the sprites and gain their Bloomix powers.

Winx Club – Season 6 Full Episodes [1-2-3]

The Mystery of the Abyss The Winx are falling apart without Bloom. The Winx return back to Alfea and perform a concert with along the specialists and the fairy animals.

The glass windows break open, the Trix appear and tell Griffin that they are going to take over the school. Hidden in the Country Winx Club season 6.

He takes her to the Phoenix, turning out to be a slave, where she is turned evil. The Winx decide to go back to Alfea with their Fairy Animals.

She is caught by him, and is forced down a cliff. While in her room Bloom notices the place that she played in as kids is where Eldora lives.

This is a duel between Bloom and Selina. Friendship is the true magic!