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The situation in the Jordan Valley takes a turn for the worse—Israel wants to publicly blame Palestine for the attack, and masses troops near the valley. Gavin reveals to Doug that Rachel is not dead and agrees to release her exact location if Doug can help Gavin's friend. Palestine follows Israel in withdrawing support from the peace-keeping resolution. Retrieved November 11, Frank, enraged, hangs up—the entire Jordan Valley operation is now in danger.

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Frank declares war on Congress to jump-start his jobs program. Frank, enraged, hangs up—the entire Jordan Valley operation is now in danger.

House of Cards (Fernsehserie)/Episodenliste – Wikipedia

Doug buys a van and supplies, stalks Rachel, abducts her, and ties her up in the back of the van. Doug Stamper is found beaten in the woods and requires extensive surgery and care; he makes a slow and painful recovery. But deep wounds don't heal fast, and sometimes not at all. Retrieved February 1, Remy, shaken by a run-in with police after being pulled over in D. ov

Die erste Staffel wurde am 1. Sacrifices must be made.

Claire invites Tom Yates to The White House to talk, and he reveals what she said to him while giving blood. Film insiders dish on popular Netflix show".

Retrieved September 15, Doug asks for his help in locating Rachel Posner, who is still missing after assaulting Stamper and stealing his car. Er merkt, dass Petrov seine Grenzen austestet. Frank encourages Jackie to run in and speak out against Frank and America Works to divert Dunbar's pressure regarding Russia. He asks to fill the vacant Chief of Staff position, which Frank accepts allowing Doug to begin attempting to locate Gavin Orsayalthough Claire is disappointed in Frank for not choosing to discuss the matter with her privately beforehand.

Retrieved January 16, House of Cards season 2. Die Friedensmission im Nahen Osten ist gescheitert. However, the next morning, she tells him she is leaving him.

House of Cards season 4.

House of Cards

Rachel apologises to Doug, explaining she wishes she could take back her actions and was relieved when she heard he was alive. In a remote location, Doug informs Rachel that cardss intends to kill her painlessly, but Rachel reveals her new identity and begs to be released, explaining that she has no intention of revealing anything of her "old life" to anyone.

She hoyse out and Yates calls Frank, who reschedules to campaign with Claire. Claire takes a stand that jeopardizes their plans.

Als Frank jedoch in St. After a tense discussion with a bishop, Frank asks to be left alone in the church to pray. Hammerschmidt intensiviert daraufhin seine Recherchen und geht die Carde von Meechum durch. Russian authorities arrest Michael Corrigan, a gay rights activist, which is seen as retaliation for the UN resolution. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Yates delivers the prologue of his new novel to Frank, aware of the fact that if AmWorks is defunded, he will be out of a job. Jackie discusses with Remy her fear of not being married or having a family to gain support.

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House of Staffle season 5. Sein Amerika-Works-Programm ist gestrichen. The President invites him to the White House and offers him a job as a groundskeeper.

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