Bright eyes first day of my life

Blocked Unblock Follow Get updates. Here are the full lyrics of the song: Add your thoughts Comments. General Comment I totally understand what you mean but i took it as he wants to work at a steady relationship that is gaurenteed.

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Leaving all your baggage at the door. Anyways It sounds like the guy was in this relationship with a girl who frist really loves. It's about going a meeting and becoming "sober", they call it your "birthday" your sober date.

Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life Lyrics | SongMeanings

Whispering somebody's name like a prayer. I just used it because it was simpler. He even is dragging his feet on whether this time will be different. User does not exist.

I eyees loved your explanation. The narrator admits or lies that he does need this person. As opposed to firrst sitting back and not working on the relationship at all and just hoping that he gets lucky and the relationship lasts. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

Like a lot of young white men, I periodically listen to Bright Eyes, especially when I want to feel smart about being sad. That's why the me is so extended because he's breaking down at that moment and probably crying that last bit to her because he's vulnerable and cannot believe someone could love him at all.

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Blocked ,y Follow Get updates. This is not retrospective at all. General Comment Well after listening to this song a bunch of times i think i might have a idea of what exactly it's about.

If you're familiar with the movie, the blankets on the speech is a specific correlation between this song and the movie.

And if - for the writers - love brigt also difficult. At least what i think. Login with Google Error: Something in the lyrics felt weird. The narrator switches from memories, to present tense, to reflections on the future without warning or clear explanation as to exactly which he is doing.

Its happy and sweet and romantic but not in a fake and cheesy sort of way, its just really honest. It doesn't mean it has to be a guy and a girl.

Just a wait and see and remember how in love we dat before. General Comment This song is so fucking amazing.

He is praying on nostalgic brkght in order to gain back the undeserved support of a person he left for an unsuccessful search someone who would give even more undeserved support. We do not have any tags for First Day of My Life lyrics. The most interesting one however is the first and second line of the fifth stanza.

General Comment I think it's funny how I know exactly what this song is saying. After that the next bit is just him remembering what she had told him about how she loved him. Remember the time you drove all night Just to meet me in the morning? There was an error. Not letting your past affect the present. Maybe this is who I've been eyez for?

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