Bluegrass backing tracks

Get Ready for the Festival Season. A - BG Banjo in the Hollow. All of the tracks contain chord progressions only allowing you to supply the melody.

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If you follow the page you will get updates when I add new tracks. This site was designed with the.

Bluegrass Tunes

Let me know and I will do my best to post it for you. G - BG I am a Pilgrim. If there is a song or tune that you would like a practice track for, please let me know email address in the "About" tab.

B part corrected Fix: There is now a button to remove the solos, if you wish. Download the Free Tracks below and give them a Try!

Listen to a sample of "The Old Home Place". If this does not work then you may need to clear your browsing history and try again.

If you enjoy the tracks and find them useful, please consider donating with the button below. Most of the tunes are at a "normal" performance speed. B - BG In the Garden.

Each link on the tunes pages will play a chord progression in the style of the song in the title. Is backiing a particular tune you would like? Gypsy tunes default to no solo with a button to add them. This is a not-for-profit site. However I am happy to add more tracks to the site as and trackx I am asked.

The backing tracks hosted here are my personal collection and are completely free and available to help with your practice. Click here for our Refund Policy.

All of the tracks contain chord progressions only allowing you to supply the melody. I make these tracks anyway so it's not much additional work to set them free. I made them available to friends and musicians I play with. Please also tell others. About This site hosts my own collection of backing tracks, generated with RealBand software.

We came up with the idea for bluegrass backing tracks when we were trying to figure out a more enjoyable way for someone to work on timing and speed up the process of becoming comfortable playing with other musicians in a jam.

Use these tracks to get your timing down perfect for the the festival season. Is one of the tracks corrupt or has a dodgy ending?

‎Bluegrass Backing Tracks by Bluegrass Jam Camp on Apple Music

Any money received helps to pay website fees and increase the library of tracks and styles available. I am happy to share a resource with anyone who might want to use it while torturing myself trying to figure out web programming at the same bluevrass

Kenny Baker arrangement, OT: Read a few Customer Comments Here. All donations are reinvested in the site, to pay the hosting fees, maintain the site and invest in more styles and tracks. Glad you found your way here. I've picked the banjo for over XX years and love nothing more than picking tunes with like-minded folk. My hope is that it becomes a well used resource and we trakcs benefit as a result!

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