Audi north america map dvd mmi version 11

I used to have the same issues when using cheap DVDs, then I spend a few dollars more on a good one and never had the issue again. This is not a burnt copy or bootleg. In virtue of this gps-navigation finding some streets and movement in the city have become more easy. We are not responsible for any loss or damage. Quality of the DVD is important.

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It is used for the movement on roads of the world thanks to satellites. I do it every 12 months or so.

I have also offered up my post facelift door blades before for free as well. The Nav update i received with the actual Navigation DVD i bought from the dealer it updated a lot to include the voice so it seemed.

This page was last updated: Originally Posted by apizz Jesus Christ, that's a lot a,erica a damn disk!

This update includes over 6. Well none the less It is very convinent to drive yor car using this map I will certainly buy it for my car. If you can't get it there let fersion know and I'll just burn you a copy and mail it to you.

I've got nero and a DVD burner.

08 A5 model Navigation Updates? Dvd? - Audi A5 Forum & Audi S5 Forum

Disc 1 is the Bluetooth and disc 2 update the components. This is ajdi a burnt copy or bootleg. The program works well, is very helpful for me in the road and makes our journey easier. I've done both the updates myself, its an easy update to do, but it's an easy update to mess up as well. These work only for and early models right?

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Im going to try the SW update first. I purchased it through Audi. I've got Nero and a DVD burner. Current - A5 B9 2. My its make ameirca happy and what you wish. Please check with your local Audi dealer.

2016 Audi MMI 2G Navigation DVD North America Full Version

I did once for the verslon. I need something newer. Your email address will not be published. Actual Images of item are shown above. Please post the link! I have an updated disc I want to load. Browse the Latest Snapshot. So I am aware that keeping gps navigation maps current is indispensable. Some issues of the previous version were improved, thanks for this!

Had to click on some of the smaller print "get torrent file" So i've got the file and im thinking its in. My audi q7 — Regards.

ISO of it and post it for a download? Originally Posted by A5 Hipster.

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