A potential reason for CTV airing the show during those dates of the summer of , which ABC never did, was to simply run the rest of the broadcast year out. Sonic Satam Abc Promo 2 Robotnik has set his eyes on the last living herd of a dinosaur-like species. Episode 4 — Sonic and the Secret Scrolls — Transcribed by: Jump Fever Dash 2: His attempts quickly fail in the process and Snively is forced to release Naugus whose eyes were seen behind Snively at the end of Season 2 , The King, and Robotnik from the Void.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Within the Void, they encounter a mysterious wizard named Naugus, an old friend, and the long lost King of Mobotropolis. Episode 3 — Ultra Sonic — Transcribed by: Episode 10 — Warp Sonic — Transcribed by: The series sharply contrasts with Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog , a syndicated series that premiered in the same month. Robotnik and Snively’s back story would have also been revealed. The Super Mario Bros. Many fans and newcomers have debated over whose eyes were in the background at the end of “The Doomsday Project”.

However, during peacetime, Julian and his nephew Snively launched a coup d’etat against the kingdom.

Episode 14 — Sonic Conversion — Transcribed by: Pilot Episode — Heads or Tails — Sztam by: Robotnik’s RevengeSonic the Hedgehog: The Kingdom of Acorn, based within the city of Mobotropolis, was at war with an unseen enemy.

He is found alive within the Void, shared with a sorcerer, Naugus, who was also imprisoned within the dimension by Robotnik.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Underground. Sonic Satam Thw Promo 2 Yuji Naka disliked the project, and it was cancelled without further development. Other changes include Princess Sally donning a jacket for season two, and Rotor receiving a new design. List of games List of features. Children’s programming on the American Broadcasting Company in the s.

Blast to the Past: Part 2

Episode 16 — Blast to the Past Part 1 — Transcribed by: Factory on March 27, Sonic uses the Power Rings to gain a temporary sonic the hedgehog satam season 2 episode 4 in power.

His attempts quickly fail in the process and Snively is forced to release Naugus whose eyes were seen behind Snively at the end of Season 2The King, and Robotnik from the Void. Sally’s father would be datam, but is forced to sacrifice himself into the void in order to trap Naugus again. Furthermore, Tails matures and plays a much thhe role as an official member of the Freedom Fighters, even showing a bit of a rebellious side and would save Knothole Village from a major disaster.

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Episode 20 — The Void — Transcribed by: One of these images, showing ‘The Hedgehoog Team’ was previously used in Sonic the Comic 12 to promote the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog series, along with another, using similar art, presumably from the same timeframe. The individual cases and the DVDs themselves also feature fan art submitted to Shout!

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Sonic heads hedyehog Robotropolis in search of materials to build a defense against an impending invasion by Robotnik. Fortress of FearSonic the Hedgehog: Antoine is appointed king of a biker gang, unaware of their “cannibalistic” tradition. Meanwhile, Sonic attempts to rescue a captured freedom fighter.

Robotnik’s Doomsday Project begins a week earlier than anyone had anticipated. In fact, it was perhaps the first time in animation history that two separate shows were simultaneously produced featuring the same character.

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This invasion occurred on Friday the 13th,in an unknown month potentially either September 13, or December 13, “Blast from the Past” Parts 1 and 2. Up Against the WallSonic the Hedgehog: In search of magical water that causes plants to grow epieode an accelerated speed, the Freedom Fighters journey underground where they begin disappearing one by one.

Contents [ show ]. That’s the kind of awesome Sonic The Hedgehog is. Robotnik and Snively’s back story would have also been revealed.