God of study korean drama

Drama Recaps Room No. LHW looked so different playing when chadol and yushin, i almost didn't recognize him Thank you for the recap! She looks around at the students goofing off, thinking of her sad mother, and how Seok-ho told her that her life was headed the same way. Chan-doo and Bong-gu exchange worried looks, wanting to join but chickening out at the last minute.

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I koeran the same way. I, honestly, wasnt a fan of dragon zakura to begin with. DZ is a nice nice J-Drama, at least the actress are far more prettier than the K version.

Mari laughs in his face when he declares that he will turn the school around by sending students to the top school in the country, Chun Ha University. Master of Study Country: About Can a group of rebellious high school students get into prestigious colleges? Aha-Werid Feb 01 And so, Seok-ho takes the podium to address the rowdy, skeptical crowd. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! I usually like him, but I think he was terribly miscast. By just watching it, I really was motivated to study hard.

Hoisting her up, he tells her to sit back while he pulls the cart, and turns it around. Dragon Zakura by Norifusa Mita. Ayumii x Sep 03 3: Oh My Venus Moorim School: Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list.

Thank you for nine great years

Watch ' Master of Study ' with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. I wonder if it'll be the same here?

Hope they will krean another movie or tv series together. Yamap is more a hit and miss. Her face bothers a lot of people because her eyes are a bit too close together.

She watches over Go Ah Sung like a big sister. Lee Hyun Woo Main Cast.

Thank you for nine great years

Her character is peaceful and easygoing, though she lacks a sense of purpose. Perhaps, because they understand their peers and can identify with their characters. Thank you for another insightful koreaj. D December 21, at For I was a fan of the Japanese original, I'm really hesitant about watching the kdrama version They are acting very well.

God Bless for Themm The students are offended, but listen nonetheless. KBS 's Monday—Tuesday dramas. Yo S-Ho looks okay but I don't think his acting capability is better than Yamapi. He was a character in Queen Seon-Deok whom I enjoyed watching.

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