Gta vice city ultimate trainer v2

I know about that mod. Does Infinate Run complete the paramedic missions, or just give you infinite run? Whenever i want to use the smoke grenades, i have to put in a different main.

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Especially at the Hyman Condo on the 1st garage, the cars are just all thrown together and 1 is stabbing into the wall Red Dead Redemption 2. LithJoe, I too would be interested in how you get at VC's memory, and where it's located and such Well I think the problem might occur for ME, too.

I know about that mod. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Ultimate Trainer v2 - GTA Vice City - GTAForums

There is a solid granet car. If you don't feel like releasing the code, can you add a special mission code generator to it? Lithjoe, before you sort the tyre thingie out on the next version, you can also shoot the windscreens on cars that have damage proof! And you said you're fixing the slot alignment in the trainer?

The Tires Can still be poped and spiked. And that is no fun. Posted June 6, You need to implement a give smoke grenades code.

It says my vice city is a unsupported version, does this mean the trainer won't work on v1. Can you release the part of the code that gets the GTA Vice memory "space" or something. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3.

What's that hidden package file that comes with the trainer?? Yeah, to fit the cars in the garage I'm just sticking PCJs in the corners just to satisfy the slot on the trainer. I am citj off that PS2 fans got smoke grenades and we didnt. I want to know how to access that GTA Vice memory.

Posted June 9, This is the only thing I wish can be fixed. This topic is now closed to further replies. Thought I'd point that out.

Could this be because I'm running windows 98? The resulting code is added to another "win32 multiline edit control" so you get this in that after pressing a key 5 times:.

Vice City: Ultimate Trainer 2.0

Nice, but you should really fix the infinite cheat jamming problem, real annoying. Does Infinate Run complete the paramedic missions, or just give you infinite run?

Yes tyres can still be popped but tab-4 health cheat will reinflate them for you, also, i will add indestructable tyres in the next release as part of the 'damage proof car' cheat.

Vicw then start VICE and everytime you press a key, the code generator replaces [number] with a number set elsewhere that grows and [x] [y] [z] is replaced with the coordinates of the player. Posted June 7, All the other ones work Hey man, I loved v1. Like, you put some code into a "win32 multiline edit control" like this:.

Also, will you bring back the pass rampage function? I'll try and get it sorted for next release.

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