Gerris flow solver

However, Gerris being both a 2D and 3D code it deals with 2D solid boundaries exactly as with 3D ones, even if the simulation is done only on a 2D cross-section. The parameter files are cross-linked with the reference manual. The second line outputs statistics about the projection part of the algorithm.

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Type this at your shell prompt:. All gedris other variables pressure, tracer concentration etc We could always change the GfsRefine 6 line to something bigger but it would not make really good use of the quadtree approach used in Gerris.

By default all the variables are saved. GfsView is a tool written specifically to visualise Gerris simulation files.

The goal there gerrris to have fully self-contained simulations files which you can just move around without having to keep track of twenty different files. We also initialise the velocity field on the whole domain to a constant value 1,0,0. In the half cylinder example, it would gerris nice to be able to visualise the flow using for example a passive tracer injected at the inlet. Each GfsBoundary object is colour-coded. By default, a GfsBox is a square in 2D or a cube in 3D of size unity.

Gerris solves the Navier—Stokes equations in 2 or 3 dimensions, allowing to model industrial fluids aerodynamics, internal flows, etc.

It takes a parameter or simulation file as input and produces various types of files as output. This would be done by setting maxcells to the desired number and cmax to zero. Free software portal Physics portal. Gerris is developed in C using the libraries Glib object orientation, dynamic loading of modules, etc.

What geeris boundary conditions? Various criteria can be used to determine where refinement is needed. If they are not given, they are computed every time the event takes place. The whole left side of the first leftmost box is now defined to be a GfsBoundaryInflowConstant object and the whole right side of the last rightmost box a GfsBoundaryOutflow object.

The other lines are written by GfsOutputProjectionStats and give you an idea of the divergence errors and convergence rate of solvdr two projection steps MAC and approximate performed during the previous iteration.

With a bit of patience you will get to figure 9 showing the fully developed Von Karman vortex street with patches of increased resolution following each vortex.

The first line we added tells the program to output information about the time every gerrris time steps on the standard output. The spatial directions are defined on figure 1.

Gerris (software)

For example, a valid parameter file could include:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Screenshot of a GfsView session. Journal of Geophysical Research.

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By default both the physical time and the time step number are zero when the program starts. The various norms of the residual of the solution of the Poisson equation are given before and after the projection step.

We are just going to look at two types of representations gfs2oogl can do: For example, in vorticity. As the simulation goes on, you can see the number of cells in the domain increase as the trailing vortices develop. As far as solid surfaces are concerned, several input formats are recognized:.

This is all done within the second optional parameters block of the graph definition.

It is also possible to specify an fpow step as a number of time steps using the istep identifier. What happens if the maximum number of cells is reached? In the remainder of this tutorial, I will use the following notation to express this inheritance of syntax:.

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