Tensions basse-fréquence: caractères inclinés, ex. Voltmetre électronique d’au moins 1 M2 d’impédance d’entrée. + 12v]. Markings on Tantalum Electrolytic. Revox Service Manuals and Owners Manuals Free, page 1| For looking for information about your vintage stereo equipment Revox. REVOX. REVox. 1 ( The well-known reliability of the. Revox A77 is a result of a professional . (a push for Manual button dis- ables the auto start.

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Grazie per i manuali messi a disposizione.

Operating Instructions for the REVOX A77 equipped with DOLBY B System

Off revox a77 manual Maplin for a 30mm drive belt ok, for a cassette player. Submitted by Bundy4eva revox a77 manual December 12th, When you press them, a revlx activates the function, but the key returns to previous position. Submitted by leftofthedial on June 29th, The switch filter 53 and the calibration controls 51 and 52 are of no significance for the playback process.

I need to find a Power cord for both. Ciao from Italy Alessio. Main problem is all function keys can not lock in.

The calibration controls revox a77 manual and 52 must not be touched alter they have been adjusted to suit a particular tape’s sensitivity. Submitted by bg26luxus on August 22nd, Dolby is a registrated trade mark. Submitted by sinsin49 on July 27th, Submitted by Hallicrafters on March 21st, I have this deck for almost 10 yrs, never failed me.

The use of a die-cast motor chassis and revox a77 manual support ensures that mwnual high degree of mechanical precision and long term stability manhal maintained, even under excessively heavy use. My experience; I suggest replacing all the.

Noise which is already present at the input to the recorder cannot be eliminated. Hope that helps, M.

Reviewed Jul 02nd, by frankone44 very good. Many thanks for your documents! Submitted by magnetic on February 20th, Submitted by WMAlbers on March 28th, Think the fault is in the left pre-amp board, very weak signal?

Before revox a77 manual your recorder on, please manua, carefully the instructions brief operating instructions for the standard model, while also paying attention to the designations used for the operating controls as shown in the illustrations an the following pages. I don’t know if this information is still of revox a77 manual by now.

revox a77 manual Have anyone got an idea of an electrical engineer that fixes reel to reel tape recorders around Northamptonshire, England. It is therefore, necessary that the original sound event provides revox a77 manual exceptionally wide dynamic range signal to noise ratio of at least 65 to 70 dB.

The VU meters 33 and 34 will deflect to an undefined reading. The following instructions are with reference to the additional operations required when utilizing the DOLBY noise reduction system.

I am using 2 different types of tape and experiencing the same problem. Revox a77 manual is achieved by a special gain calibrating circuit record calibration which enables the Operator to compensate for differences in sensitivity between different tape oxides or even between batch differences of the same oxide.

I just have to say one thing. Only x 10″ and 7″ tapes to check!!

Revox A77 Service Manual

Submitted by woodturner dave on February 11th, Reviewed Mar 07th, by Ian Thompson What a fantastic resource! Tape counter revoox working. Switch the recorder on by selecting tape speed and reel size. Brought one for my husband’s Birthday and it does not work, we revox a77 manual to be having a run of bad luck with reel to reel tape recorders and now have three that does not work.

Once I got the operating instructions works like new. What a fantastic resource! Basically I get most signal at full pot and cannot overbias.