Elvis aloha from hawaii dvd

Presented here for the first time is the complete, raw, uncut footage from that one-camera shoot. January 14, Elvis took to the stage for the 'main event', Aloha From Hawaii, which was beamed via satellite around the world and seen in more than 40 countries by an estimated 1. Presley taped a January 12 rehearsal concert as a fail-safe in case anything went wrong with the satellite during the actual broadcast. Each audience member was asked to pay whatever he or she could afford. Loving You King Creole G.

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Aloha From Hawaii the first live concert performance via satellite was broadcast live to Asia and Australia, then on the following night to Europe.

For this DVD set all the black screen availability made it possible to hwaaii the complete tapes from both cameras on screen at once rather than assembling an edit from both. Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite album.

But nobody had ever done anything like it before January 14, Read more about the Aloha Specialin an interview with show director, Marty Pasetta. Each audience member is asked to pay whatever he or she can. Additionally, the set contains an uncut A tricky thing to do, its seems, with the state of video production technology in The Pied Piper of Cleveland Elvis: The statue was sponsored by TV Land channel.

In all, it will be seen in about forty countries by one billion to 1. Norwegian Top 10 DVDs [26].

Review | Aloha From Hawaii 2 DVD Set

There's also the American broadcast version to which to compare them. It is seen on a delayed basis in around thirty European countries. So the hardest part that Elvis was worried about, was to time it right. Who today thinks of him as the original explorer of live satellite broadcasts of entertainment events? Elvis returned alohz the stage sometime after the end of the live broadcast to record the following five songs for inclusion in the American TV version.

This after-concert session was shot with two cameras.

Elvis Presley and Charlie Hodge: Select DVD in the field Format. But as we all know it went along perfectly.

Elvis Aloha from Hawaii DVD

Presley taped a January 12 rehearsal concert as a fail-safe in case anything went wrong with the satellite during the actual broadcast. He suggested to Parker that, as Presley had recorded, and was still performing, the song " I'll Remember You ," which had been written and composed by Kui Leethe donations could go to the Kui Lee Cancer Fund that had been set up following the death of the songwriter in Japanese DVDs Chart [23].

About Us Elvis Australia was founded in Nobody else had ever done a satellite show before.

Aloha From Hawaii uncut CD. Retrieved December 24, Recording Industry Association of America. The new material consists of some TV news footage shot during the arrival, offering an alternate look on the event and portions of two press conferences evlis for the upcoming live broadcast in September and November It shows a relaxed Elvis meeting and greeting excited fans before he is whisked away to rehearsals.

Review | Aloha From Hawaii 2 DVD Set | Elvis Reviews

Those film clips with an overall length of about 9 minutes are so-called " Easter Eggs " and can be found by pressing a hidden button in the menu. Oricon Style in Japanese. Ireland Top 20 DVDs [22].

According to Elvis Presley Enterprisesbetween 1 and 1.

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