Farming simulator 2011 texas map

Select modifications according site categories and update your farming simulator game. It is a 4X map. No, but feel free to cut trees if you really want to. Yes, but only on the highway. Ertragsmod with real crop yield and seed rates.

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Vehicles F - T. From the single player who likes hired hands mqp arcade type play to the real life simulator who manual drives combines, and even the dedicated server with a team of people playing at once. I also added 5 more silos for chaff and also edited the planes to fill individually in increments.

Original map design and additions-The orginal Texas map by: You can also sign up for freeid you don't have an account yet - it only takes 5 minutes. May 22, at Sheep in the map? No, although I have pushed to reach the best quality possible with my knowledge and help from others. No, although there is a track so maybe in the future. Please enter an answer in digits: We are offering for you a great database of the latest FS17 mods.

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Ertragsmod with real crop yield and seed rates. Tractors C - I. Yes, but only on the highway. I have edited the cowzone into a feedlot with 14 pens simulatot of which have their own feeding trough. Yes, single player will have missions available. Does the map have hills? Learn how your comment data is processed.

Trailers T - S.

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How do you give water to the cows? Do the fields have missions? Yes, already in map. Other farmign my slight alteration this is the same map with same fruits and same buildings.

Chickens in the map? Do you think this mod should be featured? I downloaded the map, but I am having trouble getting it loaded.

Numbered PDA map for Texas Map 2011

Rolling hills, some of which can be a bit steep. Your email address will not be published. Are the fields square?

Other trailers Tandem Tridem Overloader This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Generally how is the farm or farms arranged? Mercedes Benz Atego with accessories.

There are 2 bale feeders with bale destroy triggers and cattle grills guarding the entraces to the pens. Wheel loaders Universalschaufel 10k.

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