Retrieved January 25, Boomer and Boz are each granted one wish on their birthday. Boomer and Brady find an ancient pocket watch that grants them the ability to restart the day as many times as they want without anyone else remembering. When their attempt fails, they try to distract Mason and give Mikayla an edge by setting him up with a pretty woman who turns out to be his ex-girlfriend that wreaks havoc on Kinkow. The kings realize they have made a big mistake. This episode aired in Canada on January 29, Brady and Boomer get familiar with their new life but there are still a whole lot of things to learn.

Brady and Boomer get ready for the Junga Ball tournament against other islands. Spew to meet with the volcano’s Oracle and learn who is the older king, but the younger brother will no longer be co-king if it is known who the older brother is. Tichina Arnold as Aunt Nancy Guest star: During the night while Boomer is getting hunted, Brady tells Mason that he is the one who wants to date Mikayla. When Brady performs a new song for the crowd with the lyrics having been provided by Lanny, the club is overrun by zombies that have been awakened by the song. Boogey Shoes Full Episode S 2: Kings Of Legend 2 Jun 20 – Zadoc’s minions capture Lanny and try to squish him with a huge rock. She puts the ones responsible to sleep with darts.

Before their arrival, Brady gets bitten by a Waka Waka bug, resulting tbieves various side effects that will occur in a chronological order: Kinkow’s team is made thieges of its guards, with Jings and Boomer as their team leaders.

Buying time until they find a better solution to fix the crisis, Brady and Boomer disguise themselves as bandits Sirocco and Sirocco Taco, stealing the kingdom’s donations and returning the money to the public.

Do Over Episode They enlist the help of the islands giant elves to make the toys. The Kings soon regret the set-up when Matt Wickline Teleplay by: As a result, he erases Rebecca’s memory of her relationship with Boomer to keep her safe. The prophecy comes true when the evil king is revealed, putting Brady under a spell and morphing him into evil Brady. They find the young king of Mindu has the Kinkow birthmark on his bellybutton which means he is also pair of kings king of thieves full episode king of Kinkow.

Oings guest appearance by: Brady is upset that Mikayla and Tristan sit together at the school’s ” jaguar table,” while he and Boomer must sit with young children at the ” meerkat table. The two kings find five beautiful mermaids on the beach and bring them to the castle to turn them into human princesses of the castle.

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Boomer uses his wish to find out the truth about who was born first, while Brady’s wish is that Mikayla cannot stop complimenting him for one pair of kings king of thieves full episode. Brady soon realizes that she is Mikayla’s biggest rival from Kinkow fight school. Uhngela’s caveman boyfriend thaws out in the ice cave and is upset that Uhngela wants to be with Boomer instead.

But, his goal is hampered when Tito, a twelve-year-old boy, shows up and threatens to reveal that Boz was accidentally responsible for sinking Mindu. The kings’ fear of Kaita the Bat-Rider turns into revenge when they discover the evil Kaita is responsible for their father’s death.

Boz wishes for him and Boomer to be closer, but the wish is granted literally when they become magnetically attached. Big Kings on Campus Oct 13 – Brady and Boomer find a cute creature in the jungle and decide to keep it as a pet.

Kings of Thieves Episode When their attempt fails, they try to pair of kings king of thieves full episode Mason and give Mikayla an edge by setting him up with a pretty woman who turns out to be his ex-girlfriend that wreaks havoc on Kinkow. Raymond Ochoa as a Young Boy. When Mason gives the kings special treatment, jealousy overcomes Mikayla.

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Clint Culp as Coach. Boz tries to prove to his ex-girlfriend that his life is better without her by putting on a big charade portraying an impossibly amazing life, complete with his own servant Boomera magical troll that grants wishes Lannyand a pet Sasquatch Mason.

Ot Lanny’s advice, the kings journey to the dark side to the evil king’s castle to sit on the evil throne and learn the truth. Brady and Boomer’s uncle Bill and aunt Nancy come to visit Kinkow when they think that the island is too dangerous and they must bring the kings home.

Spew May 02 – It’s the kings’ birthday and for their royal present, they each get one wish that will come true. Ep 24 – The kings meet the pair of kings king of thieves full episode of the first king of Kinkow, who tells them to destroy his evil twin. When the elves revolt against them, Boomer and Brady must figure out how to save Christmas. To help out his quest to finally date Mikayla, Brady makes Boomer impersonate Lucas and pretend to go through the official ceremony, but the plan backfires when the real Lucas arrives and captures Mikayla.

With Kaita the Bat-Rider at large with his army of undead zombiesMason and Mikayla use a forcefield to give them time to devise a counter-attack against Kaita’s army.

The New King, Pt. Kings Of Legend 2 Jun 20 – Zadoc’s minions capture Lanny and try to squish him with a huge rock. Bond of Brothers Full Episode S 3: Boomer becomes good friends with a boy from the Flagee clan, a neighboring tribe that Brady begins to suspect are cannibals and want to have Boomer for dinner. When Boomer and Boz find out Lanny is mad at them, they buy him his own island to rule. They soon learn that thier parents were king and queen of pair of kings king of thieves full episode small island and they are next in line to rule.

However, the chain that controlled the Tarantula People falls off Brady’s neck. Webarchive template wayback links Use mdy dates from January Clint Culp as Coach Note: However at the end, Rebecca was shown to have found the Bat Medallion in the pillow where Boz had hid it and she was pair of kings king of thieves full episode to have been possess by the Bat Medallion.

The Ex Factor Nov 28 – When Mikayla’s ex-boyfriend Lucas a pirate who broke her heart refuses to participate in the official Kinkowian Dumping Ritual, the kings track him down and discover that Lucas looks just like When Mason finds out, Mikayla tries to get the kings to back down, but it is too late as the kings are eager to prove their inner warrior.

She begins to fall in love with Sirocco but does not realize it is Brady. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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When a temple is discovered belonging to an ancient evil named Kaita the Bat Rider whose mummy is in the possession of the Tarantula Pair of kings king of thieves full episodeCandis is trapped inside and the entrance is sealed by a force field that only the kings can get through.

Wild Oct 15 – Boz decides to address Boomer’s lack of survival skills and forces him to go camping. When Boz sets out to help Boomer make his childhood dream kinga becoming a professional athlete come true, Boomer believes he is a natural at the dangerous island sport of Thumb War.