As time goes by

All episodes correspond to a TV episode and featured the original cast, apart from Jon Glover substituting for Bretherton in episodes of Series One. Cinema Club acquired the right to release the complete series over two sets, with the first containing Series One to Four and the following set containing Series Five to Nine. The song was voted No. The AFI listed it among its "top " movie songs.

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As Time Goes By | WETA

After his war service Lionel emigrated to Kenyabecame a coffee planter, and married Margaret, whom he later divorced due to "mutual boredom". Community Calendar Browse events and submit your own. Retrieved from " https: As Lionel works on a memoir with a cheerful but brash agent, Alistair, he begins to rekindle the tender romance with the woman who got away all those years ago. Boundary Stones Our local fime blog.

Bale Janet Henfreywho has an unusual interest in the Shipping Forecast and gives exact times that meals are ready, and the gardener, Lol Ferris Tim Wyltonwho says Jean is a "tender woman". After her husband's death, Jean opened Type for You, a secretarial agency. Across nine series, audiences followed their complicated relationships as other admirers vied for Jean and Lionel's affections including double-divorcee Judith's crush on Lionel, and his smooth agent Alistair's fondness for Jean.

Archived from the original on 20 February For the J-pop song, see Hiroko Shimabukuro. Station Guide Weekly schedules, host bios and more.

Jean and Lionel, fell in love during the early s, but when army officer Lionel was sent to Korea they lost touch after a letter he sent her never arrived. Watch When You Want!

As Time Goes By

It became most famous in when part of it was sung by the character Sam Dooley Wilson in the movie Casablanca. Elisabeth Welch included it in her cabaret act as soon as it was released. Because of this mix-up, each assumed the other had lost interest. Nearly every episode was thirty minutes long. Vy Lively Story of Pop Music in the 40s audiobook.

Pop Chronicles the 40s: In series nine, Madge is mentioned as being on an archaeological dig in Egypt ; in reality Joan Sims died before filming began. Retrieved 26 May That evening, though, Lionel also chances upon ttime her mother and his long-lost sweetheart: Playlists Want to know what we are playing today?

Rocky marries Madge Joan Simsas much a character as Rocky is, when he is 85 and she is Home Explore the BBC. In the original show, it was sung by Frances Williams.

Although Lionel and Jean's reunion is full of missteps and miscues, their romance gradually rekindles. The AFI listed it among its "top bj movie songs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The mini-series fails after much rewriting and network interference.

As Time Goes By (TV Series –) - IMDb

Meanwhile, Jean had also married and bore one child, Judith Moira Brooker. Lionel, now writing his memoir, hires a typist through Type for You, unaware that Jean owns the agency. Both assumed the other had lost interest, but 38 years later their paths cross again, when Lionel returns to England to write his memoirs of life in the army and as a coffee-planter in Kenya imaginatively titled 'My Life in Kenya'.

Seeking an agency temp to handle the goe, he is sent a young secretary in the form of Judith Pargetter and after hitting it off they agree to meet for dinner. The reunion specials were the last appearance of Frank Middlemasswho played Rocky, before his death in In CasablancaWilson sings the chorus "You must remember this

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