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Here's the big feature of dB! GuitarHero submitted 2 years ago by EugeneTheLibrarian. Wed Feb 28, All times are GMT Goto page 1 , 2 , Wikidot Themes share your Wikidot theme with others!

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Now we will line up the time signature to the song. This is why user-defined button mapping is essential. The start offset should still be used for the start of the song and it can now only be changed by using [ and ] when you have selected beat 0. If you download a chart, and your Guitat has a different amount of gap at the start of the music stream, you can easilly shift the start offset feedvack compensate, which will line up all the anchors correctly with your MP3.

Here you can edit the song name, choose the second player type, etc. I only use Feedback to check the chart and maybe fix up some things if needed. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page if possible. Please review our rules before posting. I expect using this technique, nobody should experience any further sync problems over long playback intervals.

It only seems natural to have one. Some midi's with loads of junk non-gh-related data in them were failing to load. Its buggy and it crashes. Now copy you guitar. The quantisation change feedbaco really useful and simple, actually every feature on FeedBack is very user friendly.


FeedBack from this point onward, referred to as 'dB' is a custom chart editing tool which was designed to simplify the process of making custom note charts for the Guitar Hero games, and it can be used to make customs for Frets On Fire too. There are other means to place notes, as in hooking up a guitar hero controller, but I haven't tried it, nor am I going to write about it. Instead of requiring songs be in. If anyone experiences any further issues, please let me know, as all I have is a 'good guess' that this is actually what is causing people problems.

Thanks for the comments guys: You can remove events of any type by pressing the del key, this includes anchors, and BPM changes, which i know can be a pain in the arse to get rid of otherwise. This release fixes some bugs that were present in 0.

If it fails to fix it properly, send me a PM and I can probably fix it manually for you.

ScoreHero :: View topic - FeedBack chart editor - Current Version b

These override the theme fretboards when playing your song. Click here to edit contents of this page.

Yuitar loads when dB starts. Thu Mar 01, I was wondering if there was any alternatives to feedback? When you're listenning to the song with the metronome on, and starts getting offbeat, just stop playback, press "A" on the spot that got off sync and adjust manually with "[" and "]", SHIFT and CTRL keys.

After you've placed some notes, you can press 'S' to save the chart. I forgot to mention this when I first posted This is for all you whingey bastards that always find something to complain about!

My goal for the editor is to expand it into a more diverse music game, with network multiplayer including drums by attaching a midi drum synth, or maybe one of feedhack japanese BeatMania controllers. I'll be adding a bunch of content to this website in the not-too-distant future. Frets On Fire Wiki courtesy of fretsonfire.

FeedBack - Frets On Fire Wiki

The code is fairly green and quite brittle. Guitzr a go, see how it runs. Anyways, very cool, I'm going to check it out right away.

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