Cassidy the diary of a hustla

He talks then runs. And as men we settle differences in a battle, whether it is physically, and or verbally. How long ago was that?

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When he said that shit about Reed Dollaz pops it really rubbed me the wrong way. I did a little internet search and Meek is worth 2 mill, Cassidy around husstla. Im off my soapbox. CoK and T85 good lookin.

He knows how that would turn out. You can unsubscribe at any time. Meek letting his head get all swole but if he was really feeling himself he would put the k up.

Cassidy got more sales, more hits, more dough, and he still got a lot of fans. Cassidy is right to go at Meek. Why everybody saying Te trying to come up off battling meek?

Cassidy will never be poppin mainstream again, no matter what but I think Meek got a little too disrespectful and when you do that, handle it on wax and not social media. How dassidy ago hhustla that? In the summer Team USA have nothing to prove to overseas BBall squads, but on the flipside everything to lose; but we still go out and compete because a W in any battle is a confidence builder.

Meek is scarred to battle. This battle could totally convince people like me and other nay sayers that his music is even worth a download. I remember yhe in the day it didnt matter who came at any rapper, if you didnt respond you were looked at as a pussy. Talking lyrics then Cass got this nigga. I feel like Meek tried to be slick and have Cassidy and Mook X each other out in a battle so he can be the last one standing.

Meek the one who brought that shit up in the first place and kept bringing it back up, And then Meek talking about he not about what he say in his raps? When Wayne was peaking who was throwing those shots? But you completely lost me in paragraph 3 brah. Cass ant real everybody in Philly know dat he didnt catch dat body, and he cant even walk through his block.

Cassidy has a body and was in court and beat a murder charge while meek mill went to jail for assault and resisting arrest.

Cassidy - The Diary Of A Hustla (Meek Mill Diss)

Back up your talk. I even think DNA would bite his head off in a battleā€¦. Why is he hyping up 2 other rappers to battle? When it all comes down to it in a battle Cassidy will embarrass that boy.

Meek Head is too damn big, you never supposed to beef with niggas from your city, Cass had respect for meek but meek think just cause he got a album he can start going at people any type of way, he just burying his own career. Cassidy put his money where his mouth is, whatsup. These niggas making up excuses these days off they favorite rapper be scared to battle.

If you want to talk about who got beats big up the casaidy.

Cassidy - The Diary Of A Hustla (Meek Mill Diss) -

Both them niggas would violate Meek in a battle. Rap is nothing but a competitive sport. Stop all the sales talk because Meek debut flopped after the epic promotional push he got. I think meek mills is getting little to comfrontable cause he drop his first real album and cassiddy him self.

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