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Core Temp is easy to use, while also enabling a high level of customization and expandability. Feel free to poke around and see temperatures for other components in your system, too. Posted on July 14, 45 Comments. Fixed the system tray icon font scaling for Windows XP. Fixed some stability issues in the remote web server implementation.

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It offers a few different options so you can customize it to your tastes, and even works with other programs like Rainmeter.

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The Open Hardware Monitor supports most hardware monitoring chips found on todays mainboards. The new version includes a graph view, listing processor load or temperature as well as memory utilization. Among these improvements the gadget can be resized and the information text above the readings can be hidden if so desired.

Added a new plotting implementation using a. aguge

Added a load sensor for hard drives that shows the used space in percent. Hopefully, you can get a general estimate of how well your CPU is being cooled. Operating System Free Windows 8.

[] Best CPU Temp Monitor Apps for Windows 7 & 10 - Softlay

Temperatures of any core are now displayed in the System Tray area. Option to save the Log file in. Frequency is always at maximum for early Core iX and Core 2 models. It allows you to view information from Core Temp right from the Media Center interface using your remote. Facebook page Software updates and other related news. In the end we will advise you to know what is the best CPU temperature for your computer.

The readings are now color coded and they are user adjustable from the Options screen. Added an Anchor position so the GUI will move to a fixed screen position after a double right mouse click. Be very careful to uncheck the bundled software on the third page of the installation! Reset button added to the gui to reset minimum and maximum temperatures.

Posted on July 26, 53 Comments. Windows Mac iPhone Android.

The DTS provides more accurate and higher resolution temperature readings than conventional onboard thermal sensors. Core Temp provides a platform for plug-ins, which allows developers to add new features and extend its functionality. Pentium 4 processors are not supported. Posted on July 25, 8 Comments. There are two groups of users worried about the temperature of their computer: Improved the kernel driver loading code.

Open Hardware Monitor - Core temp, fan speed and voltages in a free software gadget

Generally, your CPU temperatures are going to be the most important temperatures to monitor. Core Temp goes mobile!

Test Sensors feature improved to increase repeatability. If the icon is only appearing in the pop-up tray and you want to see it at all gaufe, just click and drag it onto your taskbar. Added support for reading more than one T-Balancer fan controller. Below the vent out with compressed air. If your PC is regularly overheating, there probably deeper cause which you need to look into.

How to Monitor CPU Temperature on Windows 10

During the installation process, it asks you to select additional tasks. Operating System Windows 8. The Open Hardware Monitor is a free open source software that monitors temperature sensors, gaugw speeds, voltages, load and clock speeds of a computer. When you run it, it will appear as an icon or series of icons in your system tray showing the temperature of your CPU.

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