Which, admittedly, is stronger than ‘Reclaim The Sausage’. Working together the duo have […]. The boys are in their favourite Bangkok bar as they recount their latest Gap Year escapades in Asia. Find renewed vigour here. Yell’s hired Helen Harris as its first general manager and so it would appear they’re no longer keeping it on the quiet. I hope not to be disappointed but you never know. Was wondering if it was still falling. Hamish is the only reason I’ll keep watching.

Cue the Guns N’ Roses’ theme. Hamish plays too many games with the camera. Hopefully it continues in that direction. This show just seems to be getting better and better! Yell’s hired Helen Harris as its first general manager and so it would appear they’re no longer keeping it on the quiet. Please be patient and do not refresh the page.

If a joke doesn’t stick, make fun of yourself and get some pity laughs and then rehash the gag over and over when you are nosediving. Oh, and change the opening sequence — it really doesn’t set the show up well. Still struggling with the Socceroos’ early exit?

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Actually, it has done quite the resurrection hxmish. I loved the monkey waiter! Taste’s Daniela Bertollo has put the icing on the cake and the cherry on top by joining Whisk Media Group. I agree with the comments on the audio and the size of the studio too.

They’re not funny at all I think i’d rather ride a bike with a cheese grater for a seat. Home 1 – 24 of 41 ads for “hamish and andy”. Not really a fan of the boys but thought I would check it out but satch find any catch up TV for the show just little clips on their page. Do you possibly hamish and andy euro gap year episode 4 watch online even know what the hell it even is?

Well it looks like another “winner” for Nein, ‘The home of entertainment’ With Flurry Push, developers have the option to choose between […]. I think australians have a brillant humour. The Hills District Castle Hill. Definately weakens the show.

Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year: Season 4

The boys continue to recount their latest escapades from the Bangkok Bar. I think Hamish particularly is losing a bit of his mojo — his boyish charm doesn’t quite hack it now that he’s getting older.

I thought the show was terrible at first, and barely raised a smile. The show after this in Sydney backs you up. Do they just visit NYC? I find the style of both to be very similar. Anybody else notice that James Franco looked baked? On the other hand, yes they produce cringe-worthy TV and really should just stick to radio, which is where they excel at.

It’s not just you. I prefer a Fifi free world!

Hamish and Andy’s Euro Gap Year

What looks goofy as an 18 year old looks a bit desperate in middle age. They have had their chance so many times before and failed.

Any questions, please let me know. Maybe the segments were but not the studio bits.

I wonder how many more episodes they’ve got left in the series? Thankfully this year they have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. As this article confirms, the main problem with public nudity is that the people who choose to yaer it probably shouldn’t.

Hamish & Andy bring in another m – B&T

The report shows that advertisers have evolved […]. Not to be too nerdy Probably more geeky than nerdy: Posted 6 days Ago Recommended.

You aren’t really hoping that these two guys end up dead, ‘cos that would indicate you’re a psychopath. No ultimate wingman, but still hilarious.

Why do they keep going back to America? Posted 1 day Ago Recommended. They were trying to catch catfish barehanded episodf a fishing competition in Oklahoma. Great on the Radio I guess some things depend on their budget, crew and the type of show that Channel 9 have developed for them.