Frank miller dark knight

The Cold War subtext is bad enough, but the bad 80s hairdo, the punkish outfits of the Mutants? How does any of what the bureaucrats and media and scientists are saying make any fucking sense when Batman, the scapegoat, the cause of all this violence, is still saving the day? Meaning Batman strikes from the shadow leaving his opponent incapacitated and confused as to what just happened. Set just one year after Year One , a still-very-young Batman ends up recruiting a grieving Dick Grayson, whose parents have also just been murdered, into his never-ending war on corruption, transforming him — oftentimes brutally — into the costumed crime-fighter Robin. Mohamed Lamine absolutely it's a standalone polished story.

Classic better than i ve ever been

Works in progress, "rapper-type" beats and beats for rappers posts are not allowed. Want to add to the discussion? Kanye West] You can't buy this Superfly-ness, like a shine is Your Highness is performing; look how long the line is It's what happens when you make shit that's timeless It's what happens, these rappers is the pioneers What do it take to be a legend like Nas is?

Fring for ipad

I liked that I had the option to view both feeds together in one window, or one at a time, depending on which icon boxes I had checked at the top of the screen. These days though, there are countless different new ways to communicate thanks to email, instant messaging, VoIP, social networks, and the like. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.