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Villains like Nappa and Vegeta aren't anything fancy, but they've got a sneering, arrogant charisma that makes it so much more fun to watch Goku work them over. We will resolve it for you in 24 hours. It very well may be a difference in printing quality, as the paper quality is fairly similar. You can help by donating to us directly , or by shopping online at certain retailers through our affiliate links below. Dragon Ball has never had a subtle sense of humor, and it definitely doesn't have one hear.

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We don't root against these bad guys because they're going to take over the world or whatever, we root against them rdagon they're jerks and they really badly need a good sock in the mush. Fusion Sagaand Kid Buu Saga. As mentioned earlier, the image of Goku on the back cover is an old promotional image used by FUNimation on a variety of products, and is also used on the DVD books. This is because, in addition to their mixed track record with DVD encodes, they would be including more episodes per disc and adding at least one additional audio track not present on the original Dragon Box discs.

We take our hat off to them when it comes to making smart business decisions, because balll most dragom reason they shrunk down the domestic Dragon Box was for retail reasons. Are these small nit-picks? Made in China,China Version.

Features | Dragon Box Z: The Comparison

There are still 16 Dragon Columns, four interviews, tons more design sketches, another correlation chart, a regular staff file, a look at other countries that dub Dravon Ball Z, tons of special indexes, a look at all the filler in the series, a look at the series TV ratings, lyrics to all the opening and ending themes, and info on the TV specials that have been left out. Also included with the set was another "Dragon Book", and an exclusive Piccolo action figure.

Each Dragon Vox contains roughly minutes of footage on 6 discs. A total of five Dragon Boxes have been released which, altogether, span the entire television series, as well as all of the movies.

Box Design

Have a question, comment, or concern you would like to share with us? In addition to DVD book image changes noted above, most of the images on the discs have been changed.

In the original DVD books there was a screenshot placed beneath each disc from an episode on that specific disc, displaying a character from the corresponding disc art. Looking for a little more than what's covered in our guides? Therefore, rather than shrink the spine art vertically, they cropped off the bottom and stretched it out to accommodate for this difference in the overall combined thickness.

In addition, the page count has been reduced to allow the two original Dragon Books to be split up over 7 volumes. Skip to main content.

As the story opens, the adult Goku learns he's not an Earthling, but a Saiyan from the planet Vegeta. Based on this breakdown, the 6th disc 42 overall of Dragon Box Vol. Kid Bandai Tamashii Z S.

Dragon Ball Z Dragon Box | eBay

For additional thoughts and information, please listen Episode of our podcast. Dragon Ball Z Dragon Box 1. The layout of the main disc menu is also a tad different. In this set, the disc feature Bulma has been omitted although the same number of episodes were covered.

With the remaining six domestic Dragon Books, it will be interesting to see how they cram everything else in. You can help by donating to us directlyor by shopping online at certain retailers through our affiliate links below. With the final product in our hands however, most of ball concerns can be put to rest.

When FUNimation first announced these sets, drgaon from a great dragpn of shock and anticipation, many worried that 42 episodes being fit onto six discs seven episodes per disc would cause degradation in video quality.

Funimation Dragon Box Sets

Goku's anime-only line about Kid Buu being on a different level than all the others Dragon Book 2. All previously-released Dragon Ball content even the original Fuji TV airings were based off either the master tapes copies of the 16mm filmor copies of the masters. You may think we're all about the accurate information, but even we know how to enjoy some quality media!

It also included a large amount of bonus features such as comparisons of international versions of Dragon Ball Z and several commercials. Please see photos for details. It is not clear why FUNimation decided to change drzgon image, especially when they easily could have just used the same Goku image that appears on the front of the box like the original did.

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