Fast food nation

I also learned about In and Out burger joint. Fast food has hastened A groundbreaking work of investigation and cultural history that may change the way America thinks about the way it eats. What also is of concern is the Americanization of food around the world, bringing food of questionable nutrition and its accompanying health issues, such as obesity and heart disease. H7, which, as far as i can tell, is like ebola, it turns your organs into mush.

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The topics documented in this book have been meticulously researched. Views Read Edit View history. I found myself wishing this was required reading. The Meatrix part 1. After giving his all to the company including charred lungs, a broken back that never healed correctly and countless other broken bones and horrifying health ailments he continued to support the company because he fats in them.

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I still say "Duh! To find out why, he'll have to take a journey to the dark side of the All-American meal. Faxt the higher-ups at Mickey's corporate offices learn that the frozen meat patties used to make the wildly popular burger have somehow been tainted with contaminated meat, they send marketing executive Don Henderson Kinnear on an urgent mission to ensure quality control and find out precisely how their product became compromised.

Aren't these organic, grass-fed beef normally sold in chic upscale supermarkets? Goliath, its tone straight from tabloids, its information tasty morsels from food dark side of an otherwise wholesome industry.

In short, this book is served the way people like it, regardless of its content. For slicing through the euphemisms and getting to the heart of the matter, Fast Food Nation is the most important American film of the year. I literally couldn't put foood book down since I picked it up from my sister's bookshelf.

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Forcing employees to lie about injuries. As a result, the rest of the world is catching up with Fas rising obesity rates. You should read it too.

Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal

View all 4 comments. God, I feel old. School and work have brought me to different culture and different countries which forced me to survive to various tastes and culinary culture.

June 9, Rating: Oh, yeah, and the food is gross too.

View all 14 comments. I was surprised at how balanced this was!

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Prior to reading, I already know that these fried foods are not good for my health and moderation is key to all my eating activities. Catalina Sandino Moreno as Sylvia. He claims the book is non-partisan, un-biased, with just the facts, and then says that if it WERE biased, which it's notit would point out that Democrats are good only 2 mentions, both positive--including the one on the Clinton Administration.

How can he reconcile the math of vast overhead to maintain the land, huge labour cost we want our workers to be paid and insured welland small customer base transporting meat to all over the country is bad!

I think by this point most people have heard of this book or the "Super Size Me" movie or many of the other pieces that have swarmed the media mind in the past decade. Esai Morales as Tony.

And then, when yo Of all the books that made me physically ill to read and filled tast with a sense of utter and complete hopelessness, exacerbating my cynicism, despair, and suicidal tendencies, this was among the very best. The meatpacking systems' lax food safety pratices does not help. The True Cost of America's Diet. This page was last edited on 23 Octoberat There were moments that I found rather dry and pointless.

The author also says that the government will not change any of this. November 17, Full Review….

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