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Posted March 7, Those who don't know how to extract ". I like to drift alot of exotics but some more than others, like the banshee a little different from the banshee's in previous GTA's it's more agile, more precise like a mild cheetah so I swing those at a faster speed than others.

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And just anything else you would like to add. While RWD lets you drift alot easier.

Drift for GTA San Andreas

Lots of torque, which is what drifting needs. It is a great way to learn how to begin to drift and how to control it. This mod is already built in to the game, you just gotta know how to do it.

As sheek said, you need to jack some cars and start drifting to find the cars that you like to drift with. Ah, i remember this topic.

I'm just getting into driftin on San Andreas. Its real easy, but as you say, you can just enter the SF hills race anytime. If you want to play as cop, call cops for backup and helis then install this great cleo mod. Posted March 4, edited. Infernus- Someones yard in Paradiso usually locked so i push it to nearest safehouse, down the road.

As for the best places, you can look in the topic as posted above for more of them but the places i like as said a million times are pal Creek, on and off ramps all around the state but mainly the South SF one Bone County, Missionary Hill, and also most twisty roads anywhere you can find an example being the road up to "The Big Ear".

The maker of this mod is "M4E". I was just wondering cos it doesnt need specific conditions, like the jester. The game reads the file according to what cars are on which lines, not the labels.

Includes many new textures High Quality and Many new stuff including racing cars, handling, maps etc. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It's not really a challenge dealing with the drit of the car the cheetah is a sweet sz but more of a challenge dealing with handling and not being able to prepare for whats ahead. The other exotics to me are only for speed and looks excluding the windsor it can dance pretty good. I used to drift gts super GT in the sandstorm but I found the cheetah to be more challenging now it's mostly for rain it has a little more oversteer and I got a little bored with it after the city slicking mission.

No bugs bug fix included in update and has small size MB as compared to other mod packs!

Sick Drifting Vehicles and Drifting Mod Pack | Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Skin Mods

It just really depends druft work for you, what works for you might not work for me, you have to try different combinations and methods, you will get comfortable with your own style for certain cars, and some cars you will swing more than others just expiriment and like I always do use your imagination.

Mostly it's used for sandstorm drifting in the desert it drjft me a different type of challenge because I can't see the traffic until I'm very close to smacking them and I can't see upcoming curves either.

I have never tried this 'rigging a car with exlosives to stop it from despawning' trick. Those who don't know how to extract ". Just modify the second line labelled Cheat2 fast cars so the only vehicle there is 'euros'.

Make sure you are in a rear wheeled car eg. On the other hand, you can do this: Sheek I just always remember the spawn spots of my favourite cars eg.

Sick Drifting Vehicles and Drifting Mod Pack

The maker of this mod is "HAF". Posted March 5, What was your method of stealing the Phoenix? Already have an account? Now, that you are sliding, countersteer turn right again to balance out the weight of the car and continue drifting, otherwise you gts the risk of spinning out.

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