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I really like this! I think as society evolves to be more party oriented, our boys at have bring in more party anthem songs without all the drugs, alchohol, etc. Mineo announced the album cover and release date, April 16, , as well as releasing a short promo with footage from the photo-shoot, on January 8, [4] [5] On January 28, , Mineo released the lead single, "AYO! Wake up ppl Jesus is alive and he's here! A fun song with a dope beat.

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Retrieved June 1, I was only saying that for a song that says basically, "come over and check my crew out, we're having fun, reppin' Christ, and helping other do the same", there wasnt much helping others and spreading the in the video. David Bunce — Feb 2 The whole Mario and Luigi guys are sorta out of place, not a big deal though.

Christian hip hopprogressive hip hop.

We are sorry...

Instead of us judging. Wake up ppl Jesus is alive and he's here!

During the album's recording, Mineo described that album as having a "bright" electronic feel and an experimental and progressive sound. Heroes for Sale Andy Mineo.

Heroes for Sale (Andy Mineo album) - Wikipedia

Retrieved April 25, April 02, [3]. Kellie — Jan 31 Lol Mira — Jan 31 I can't help but start bobbin' my head any time I hear this song. Cece — Jan 31 Love all Reach Records artists.

MAN i can't front this video is sick andymineo bryan aka manin — Jan 31 Having fun, but being responsible at the same time.

Probaly Mimeo, Mira, I def see your point, I was just giving my opinion. It has a big memorable chorus.

Kevin BurgessWilliam L. So give em' some slack people.

Reach Records

Jared Brown — Feb 2 That's what this song is about. Not every song has to be preachy Dennis G. Love the song, love the video!

This beat is awesome! The album artwork was handled by Invisible Creaturea graphic design studio founded by Don and Ryan Clark of the metalcore band Demon Hunter.

Electric Guitar by Tim Dillon. Heroes For Sale — Andy Mineo". Louder Than the Music. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. I got to admit. Guys, this comments are what this song is ayoo, it's means just cause you're a christian, doesn't mean you have to be boring Mira I think it's just showing that christians can still have fun and at the same time be unashamed and represent Jesus.

Heroes for Sale garnered high praise from music critics.

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