Battle beyond stars

University Press of Mississippi. If you haven't guessed the difference was the story has now been set in space. The best efforts of Cameron and Horner are somewhat undermined, though, by the pedestrian direction of Jimmy T Murakami, an animation specialist who does a serviceable job here but fails to really leave an impression. The New York Times. Unable to go himself, Zed offers his ship for the job if they can find a pilot.

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The Force is strong with Battle Beyond the Stars — Force Material

This page was last edited on 25 Octoberat I actually saw this in my hometown of Madison Tn. While waiting for Shad's return, Nanelia is captured by a reptilian slaver named Cayman of the Lazuli Morgan Woodward.

They admit their life is incredibly dull, since their whole race shares one mind. Comments john tracy says: It also massively raised the bar for special effects model work and getting the most out of very little. Its clear to see many influences in this film from classic sci-fi such as 'Star Trek', 'Lost in Space', 'Westworld', 'Forbidden Planet', 'Star Wars' and many films from the 70's.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He was that person on and off set".

Thank you for keeping the discussion, and our community, civil and respectful. Sam Jaffe as Dr. Hephaestus and Sador of the Malmori.

Jacob Steingroot is a film editor, illustrator and trivia champion. Gelt is played by the great Robert Vaughan, who portrayed pretty much exactly the same character in The Magnificent Seven. More Comments Check for New Comments.

July 5, at 8: Lara Cody as Kelvin 2. InRoger Corman brought us this slice of budget sci-fi.

Weird Old Sci-Fi: “Battle Beyond the Stars”

Richard Davalos as Yago. His hard work paid off, as the special effects were one aspect of the film highly received by both fans and critics, opening the door for his later successes.

What I got instead was a pretty boring cheesefest. The New York Times. Nestor does not require payment, saying they are completely self-sufficient. Not a shabby lineup. The Haunting of Hill House. Our story centers on the unfortunately named Shad not quite Chad, not quite Shit from the planet Akir. His action sequences fail to deliver, and by the time you hit the film's 10th virtually identical space battle, Battle Beyond the Stars starts to feel like the sort of movie that's more fun to talk about than it is to actually watch.

But you have to hand it to Corman and director Murakami as they too have influenced many sci-fi films with this.

Battle Beyond The Stars |

An enjoyably inventive low-budget B-movie filled with action and interesting characters. Thomas is a great hero, the simple, gentle man thrown into a world of war. University Press of Mississippi. Archived from the original on August 17, Looking for assistance results in the hiring of a diverse group of mercenaries.

The costumes aren't too bad either, this isn't a 'Flash Gordon' type affair, well not too much. Ivanov on Between Earth and Heaven: Our heroes join this fight wanting nothing more than the feeling of inclusion. Shad comes across Cowboy George Peppard:

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