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I was wondering if this mod still works? Apparently this isn't working. There is a strange incompatability between this mod and "Online Interiors V1" Camera goes all wonky. The launcher is what I want gone.

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Social Club does not allow you to exit from its window, home and escape can only exit the game, the account in social club is tied, but social says that his account is not, and all this after installing any update. Exit game, return to desktop, use the no-gtav launcher link, and rcack should now work.

I was going to ask you if this method still works for you or is this mod out of date? March 21, Crcak Updated: What happened to gaming? TrustNo1 a little high-strung there huh?

Video cannot be played.

I am officially done updating GTA V. More mods in tools category: December 21, Last Downloaded: Does this mod still work? Deleting the step of the Social Club launcher and of the video at the launch of your game. Please let me know!

No GTAVLauncher -

Crac this point I've given up. I was having the Social Club issue where it tells you that you need to sign in. The mod lets me load up to to the loading screen but it still doesn't let me get pass the rockstar games asking me to sign into my account and then giving me an error.

Lancer le jeu avec GTA5. Log In or register for an account to be able to comment. Even on a fresh install with the Vanilla folder. I do gts want that nightclub dlc anywhere near my game. Loads up but asks me to sign in, when I do it gives me a sign in error. My game crashes every time when I enter cars after cover. The launcher is what I want gone.


I don't mind using steam, but It can auto update. It's just crashing my game Social Club version, latest update and doesn't load the game up.

That fixed the issue of not being able to play in Offline Mode. Designed in Alderney Made in Los Santos. No other mods, latest game version - fresh installation, same for.

I enter my credentials, and it gives me a server error. What could be the problem?

For The Lazy Modders V1. I would rate this 5 stars if it even worked. The launcher takes up resources that I do not need, just bogs down my game, especially with steam on too. There is a strange incompatability between this mod and "Online Interiors V1" Camera goes all wonky. LS-Multiplayer Team I'm experiencing game crashes when taking cover and then immediately entering a vehicle, this happens with every launcher bypass I've tried and nobody seems interested in fixing it.

Two versions of the tool are available, the executable version and the ASI version: What do I do?

I miss the good ol' days of PC gaming where you just click the.

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