Cooking and serving games

Want to wait a bit more, or reload the game? City Grill and Bake. A house is a house, but can you help them make it home? Master your cooking and design your For the best results, please get the latest version of Google Chrome.

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Food Serving Games for Girls

Join Mia in her kitchen for a traditional famous French recipe. Now that's what I call delicious! She's taken the classes and now she's ready to serve up some tasty treats.

Bake a delicious, romantic home made meal for your boyfriend in this fun and puzzling cooking lesson game. In the cold realms of Antarctica, there is a brand new restaurant open for business!

Food serving Games Online

Join the girl who can do anything for a quick lesson in how to make delicious home made burgers! You love Monster High. Travel all over the world Join Esrving and his robot Barista as they brew up, bake and serve hungry space travelers delicious intergalactic donuts, muffins and coffee.

Miguelita is determined to become the best bartender at this tropical resort. Serena has opened a stand in the beach!

Then wrap them up with the sushi mat and se They've decided to stop by your restaurant to fill up on Get back to the bakery as soon as you can! Centered in Whiskview Mall, Papa's Bakeria gets its fair share of foot traffic from some of She likes to try preparing her mother's recipes to practice her skills.

Play Big City Diner!

She is famous for her delicious fresh sandwiches in town. Can you and her keep up with all of the customers that are coming to her food cart? This is a fast, fun paced restaurant where customers cooiing what they want and they want it now!

Restaurant Games | Free Online Games at

Can you help Miguelita become a master mixologist in this simulation game? Help her improve her skills while she makes simple cocktails and more complex ones like the truly epic Swimming Pool. Kids, adults, boys, girls — this category of games transcends demographics!

We're going to serve it on a bed of sausage, rice, and peppers, and finish it off with a heavy spray of fresh lemon! Learn how to make delicious and nutritious Vegetable Fritata's step by step by cutting up, preparing and serving them! Save up enough cash to open your very own re She's a new graduate who.

Work your way to the top of the snack pyramid in this frantic game of adventure, candy and cinema! Gmes weather is getting hotter and hotter day by day, so we really need to go to a beach. Help Maya serve up her delicious desert creations at her new cup cake specialty store! Make yourself a delicious serving of sashumi and sushi and chow down on an exotic favorite from Japan! People often treat their dates to a meal at your What about a pizza parlor or a coffeehouse?

Now that Summer is here, Barbie has been very busy serving her famous hamburgers. Don't go out for pizza without a raincoat!

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