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If you need help, file and issue and include the program source aia file. If the doesn't help, kill the emulator window, reload the browser page, and try again. But if it asks for the location of the software, the path to enter is C: For a blocked port, check whether there is another program on the computer that is using the port. Skip to main content.

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Once the emulator gets past that, the screen will ap completely black and then come up with the Android home screen. It was included with the software you already downloaded as part of the App Inventor Extras Package.

For Windows users, we recommend using either Chrome or Firefox as your browser for use with App Inventor. To use the emulator, choose Emulator from the Connect dropdown menu.

That's because it's booting up the virtual phone from scratch. Then, when you try to connect the emulator, the console output for aiStarter should show a sequence of "probes" of the form On the other hand, if the emulator won't start for any of your projects, then continue with the debugging steps here.

Then, when you emulato to connect the emulator, the console output for aiStarter should show a sequence of "probes" of the form.

2. Install App Inventor Software

If you need help, file and issue and include the program source aia file. Continue with setup - Choose the connection instructions you were following: Start the emulator and use App Inventor just as you would with a real phone: How to update the App Inventor Software. Click through the steps of the installer. On Windows, you must install the setup software from an account that has administrator privileges ihventor order for App Inventor to work.

Building Apps with the Emulator

Installing the Windows software for App Inventor Setup has two parts: Installing via a non-administrator account is currently not supported. To fix this, reload the App Inventor page in your browser. You will need to install the App Inventor Companion App on your device.

If you do not have an Android phone or tablet, you can still build apps with App Inventor. If the problem is with only this project then there is probably something in the project that is tickling a bug in App Inventor.

Do not change the installation directory from the default that the installer picks. If the emulator does not start at all i.

Please go through this procedure before filing an issue on the App Inventor forum. The aiStarter Icon on Windows.

Skip to main content. When you click Connect to Phone in the Blocks Editor, your app will appear in the emulator. When connected, the emulator will launch and show the app you have open in App Inventor.

How to Update the App Inventor Setup Software | Explore MIT App Inventor

If the emulator doesn't continue starting up, kill it and try connecting again. App Inventor provides an Android emulator for people who do not have Android devices, or who would prefer not to use one while creating apps. Navigate to the directory where the App Inventor Extras software was installed, locate the folder called commands-for-appinventor and run the command run-emulator Be patient: You can check whether your computer is running ap; latest version of the software by visiting the page App Fmulator 2 Connection Test.

Installing the App Inventor Setup software package You must perform the installation from an account that has administrator privileges.

The aiStarter program was installed when you qpp the App Inventor Setup package. Is the emulator hanging waiting to load blocks? Some schools and after-school programs develop primarily on emulators and provide a few Androids for final testing. You have three options for setting up live testing while you build apps If you are using an Android device and you have a inventot internet connectionyou can start building apps without downloading any software to your computer.

On Windows, there should be a button on your desktop that starts aiStarter.

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