He believes that it is and is challenged to complete the adventure. Instead of jumping off a bridge, Phileas agrees to get hitched to his Indian Princess friend—so maybe this isn’t the end of the world as he had previously thought. Scholars have pointed out similarities between Verne’s account and Cook’s letters, although some argue that Cook’s trip happened too late to influence Verne. Because the party had travelled eastward, they gained one day upon crossing the International Date Line. His calm, logical, gentlemanly demeanor never freaks out or fusses over the many delays, inconveniences, and dangerous modes of travel. If it did, he would have been made aware of the change in date once he reached this line. But what he’s most happy about other than becoming filthy rich again is finding someone to love and who loves him back. The men blackmail Prince Hapi into releasing Monique using a prized but apparently flimsy ” The Thinker ” statue of the Prince.

Steamer the China across the Atlantic Ocean to Liverpool and rail. However, Fix waylays Passepartout when he is buying steamship tickets and, after admitting his intention to arrest Fogg, drugs Passepartout’s drink with opium. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. There, Fogg is insulted by the other “brilliant minds”, in particular Lord Kelvin , who believes that everything worth discovering has already been discovered. To prevent Passepartout from informing his master about the premature departure of their next vessel, the Carnatic, Fix gets Passepartout drunk and drugs him in an opium den. Fix confides in Passepartout, who does not believe a word and remains convinced that his master is not a bank robber. He victoriously ascends the stairs of the Academy and kisses Monique. It is one of Verne’s most acclaimed works.

Although a journey by balloon has become one of the images most strongly associated with the story, this iconic symbol was never deployed by Verne — the idea isbriefly, brought up in Chapter 32, but dismissed, as it “would have been highly risky and, in any case, impossible. On the boat, Aouda plays whist with Fogg, and reveals that her never-consummated marriage was arranged. Fogg promises the steamer engineer a large reward if he around the world in 80 days plot synopsis them to Bombay early.

When an electioneer named Colonel Proctor harasses Aouda, Fogg hits him on the head with his umbrella, then dodges Proctor’s flying fist, which strikes Fox.

Fogg manages to prove that it is possible despite all odds.

In Hong Kong, it turns out that Aouda’s distant relative, in whose care they had been planning to leave her, has moved to Hollandso they decide to take her with them to Europe. After aroound with the British consulate to have Fogg arrested when he reaches Bombay, Fix poses as an agent for a steamship company and befriends Passepartout, hoping to get information about Fogg.

So they still have time to win a bet. Calcutta to VictoriaHong Kong. Similarities include the around the world in 80 days plot synopsis of a private train and being imprisoned.

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Worst Remake or Sequel. Fogg and Passepartout hurry to the club, but encounter more delays because of synopsiw hansom cab driver with hiccoughs and a reticent horse, and a charity worker praying for Fogg’s sins.

Please check your inbox for the verification email. Phileas, however, finds out Xing stole the Jade Buddha and leaves, but is immediately captured along with Xing and Monique by the Black Scorpions. InThomas Cook organised the first around-the-world tourist trip, leaving on 20 September and returning seven months later. There were nearly one million entries…. Around the World in 80 Days 80 Days 80 Days Around the world in 80 days plot synopsis using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Around the World in Eighty Days

The moral the author tried to convey is that with human effort and willpower, enormous obstacle can be overcome. It’s around the world at Warp Tour speed as Phileas Fogg stops at nothing to make it back home in time. Phileas, feeling used by Xing and Monique, leaves for San Francisco, United Statesalone, only to be proven wrong when the latter decide to help him win daus bet.

Instead of jumping off a bridge, Phileas agrees to get hitched to his Indian Arounc friend—so maybe this isn’t the end of the world as he had previously thought. Following publication invarious people attempted around the world in 80 days plot synopsis follow Fogg’s fictional circumnavigation, often within self-imposed constraints:.

After Fogg comes in to find Passepartout, the beautiful saloon owner attempts to seduce him, but her jealous, wynopsis bouncer warns Fogg to leave, and around the world in 80 days plot synopsis and Aouda finally lure Passepartout outside.

Sign Up Sign In. In New York, having missed the ship China, Fogg looks for alternative transport. I carry ideas about in my head for years — ten, eays 15 years, sometimes — before giving them form. Verne is often characterized as a futurist or science-fiction author, but there is not a glimmer of science fiction in this, his most popular work at least in English.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Login with your social network: There, Xing is attacked by disguised warriors, the Black Scorpions, sent by General Fang, a warlord from China who is after the Jade Buddha that he stole.

Around the World in Eighty Days | Introduction & Summary |

Xing leads his friends synoosis his village, Lanzhouwhere they are happily greeted. He’s down to use everything from ships, trains, an elephant, or a sailing sled to get them to the right place at the right time. Fogg discovers that he missed his connection. In such an instance, society would watch this inhumane behavior take place.